Cancelled TV Shows

Cancelled TV Shows

Cancelled TV Shows:

Whatever you call it - cancelled, canceled, discontinued, defunct, terminated, abused ... the old TV show graveyard. The old TV shows listed here no longer are in production. The network has decided to cancel the show, never to return ... or maybe to be reborn as a movie or series on a new network. The cancelled TV shows we covered in the past are listed here. So not all canceled TV shows are listed, only the ones we followed. However, scroll down for articles on all canceled or discontinued TV shows in general.

We keep articles around for about a year, so the listings will diminish with time, but you still will be able to find any news, rumors or spoilers on favorite cancelled TV shows, cancelled or discontinued series, dramas, reality TV shows, science fiction, prime time TV shows, or daytime shows like soaps. As always, remember that any spoilers, rumors, scoops or news are meant to be fun and some may turn out incorrect ...

Intruders TV show on BBC America, cancelled, no season 2 ...

As suspected, the Intruders TV show has been cancelled after one season of eight episodes. BBC America and BBC Two have decided not to order a second season. ... More about: Intruders, Intruders: canceled or renewed?

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