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Gary Sinise to lead the team in new 'Criminal Minds' spin-off

CBS has tapped the former "CSI: NY" star for its new spin-off, which will be introduced in an episode of "Criminal Minds" to be shot in mid-February. After a first attempt in 2011 with Forrest Whitaker in the title role, CBS is planning another spin-off on its hit detective series, this time with Gary Sinise toplining.

Gary Sinise Returning To CBS… For Yet Another Spin-Off!

You can't keep a good man down. CSI: New York alum Gary Sinise is returning to CBS for a spin-off of yet another procedural show. This time, he'll be the lead in a new Criminal Minds show, which does not have a title yet. Unfortunately for CSI fans, Sinise will not be reprising the role of Mac Taylor. [...]

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