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WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!   Do not click on any of these links if you do not want to find TV show spoilers containing hints, rumors, speculation or clues concerning upcoming TV series episodes or seasons.  Remember, TV spoilers are meant to be fun, and some may turn out incorrect, but some ... *wink*.

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Find serious news (not really!) on the listed TV shows and soaps. Although these articles likely do not have spoilers, some might, and we have not screened them, so proceed at your own risk!

Sports Rumors - Trade and draft rumors for major sports.

'UnREAL' Spoilers: What Can Viewers Expect From This New ...

Many will recognize Zimmer from her roles on Entourage, House of Cards, The Newsroom, and older shows like Joan of Arcadia, Boston Legal, or Love Bites. Other familiar faces include Craig Bierko from Damages, Boston ...

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